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“A grave is a place where the dead are laid await the coming of the medical student.”Ambrose Bierce



Due to factors such as expense and space, more people are opting to be cremated these days. Ashes are then being scattered, buried or kept in more ways than you can imagine…

Have an idea about how you would want your ashes to be scattered? Then make a note of it in your very own Funeral Plan.

Underwater Heaven
The Neptune Society, off the coast of Miami, Florida, have almost completed an amazing underwater memorial. “The City of Eternity”  will be a huge man made reef where urns, statues and keepsakes can be laid to rest in your memory.


“mASHterpiece” Paintings

The Art in Ashes Oil Painting is made by the world famous artist Mona. Mona will take some of the ashes of your loved one and work them into one of her famous art pieces, these masterpieces are called “Art in Ashes”.



Going out with a bang?
Heavens Above Fireworks will pack your ashes into fireworks and then organise a remarkable firework display in your memory.


Flying High
Rather than spreading a loved ones ashes by foot, or even place them on the mantel, Air Legacy offers a more dignified way to go. The company offers ash scattering from an aircraft, covering areas such as Colarado, Kansas, Wyoming and Nebraska.



Something for the Garden?
A new idea that seems to be cultivating these days, is to have your ashes made into something that can take pride of place in your garden. Cremation Solutions offers the opportunity of having your ashes placed inside an urn that converts into an attractive birdhouse. “As birds come and go with the seasons and build their nest in these sacred vessels and raise their young and so on, the cycle of life continues




Chew on this…
Product designer Nadine Jarvis recently came up the fascinating idea of turning one’s ashes into pencils. Apparently 240 pencils can be made out of one person’s remains. As always, we at My Funky Funeral love any idea that thinks “out of the box”, and this one really does put lead in our pencil!


Beam me up Scotty!
Yes ’tis true, if you’ve got the readies, then like Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, and James Doohan AKA ‘Scotty’, you too can have your ashes launched into space. The company Celestis offer memorial space flights that will release a portion of your ashes to orbit the earth, or will simply take your ashes on a mission that will return them to earth afterwards. Moreover, this unique company offer a Name the Star service to compliment the mission. Proving that life long dreams can be fulfilled even in death!


‘Ashes to … portraits’?
Starry Starry Nights it aint, but it is possible to have your portrait painted with a mixture of paint and your ashes. A great, visual way for your loved ones to remember you? We’ll let you make up your own mind.


It’s raining you.
A company called Eternal Ascent will place your ashes in a biodegradable balloon that is released into the air. It eventually pops and your ashes are dispersed.


Taking the plunge?
If you like the thought of people going down on you, then Eternal Reefs will mix your ashes with cement to form an awesome artificial reef! The reef ball will then be placed on the ocean floor to create a dynamic new reef. Family and friends can participate in the casting of the reef and can later dive these reefs.


Diamonds last forever?
LifeGem offer to turn your ashes into diamonds. Puts a whole new meaning to the question who are you wearing this evening?


Your time?
LegaSEA is another up and coming company who offers to create an attractive urn that doubles as a time capsule. The capsule will be filled with your ashes, along with important keepsakes and then placed on the ocean floor.

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