Why pre-plan your funeral?

“Either he’s dead or my watch has stopped.” Groucho Marx





The time has come for you to have a say in how your funeral will go. You no longer need to leave it in the hands of your loved ones.

Making funeral arrangements can be especially difficult for those who are grieving the loss of someone special.

By pre-planning your final send-off you will spare your family and friends the confusion and uncertainty of arranging a funeral.

You will also ensure that your final wishes are met, so that you won’t have people weeping in the isles to that horribly depressing “Candle in the Wind” song (unless, of course, that’s what you want!).

We put the fun back in funeral and help you punctuate your life with a smile!

Take a stroll around our Glamorous Graveyard and discover the heart stopping ways people are choosing to scatter their ashes. Unearth the cool coffins and unique urns that are beginning to have personalities of their own.

Dig deeper and you’ll get to download music, poetry and eulogies … your final sound track. Your mantra, that may have them dancing in the isles or weeping in the pews.

Check out our mind blowing Funeral Trivia and see how the rich and famous did it Their Way. Read the side splitting last words of the notorious and misunderstood.

And the final nail in the coffin? Our Funeral Planning Questionnaire. Complete it and you’ll be well on the way to planning your own funeral and giving your life justice!

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