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“He makes a very handsome corpse and becomes his coffin prodigiously. “Oliver Goldsmith






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Although you obviously will not be there (as far as we know!) to give your own Eulogy.  There’s nothing to say that you can’t write it yourself or give a pal some handy hints on how to do your life justice and bring you vividly to the minds of your loved ones! If you are not yet ready to transcend, but have been asked to write a eulogy for someone who has, below may give you some handy hints when the time comes to step up to the mark.

Is there someone you want to speak on your behalf? Then make a note of it in your very own Funeral Plan.

When Writing a Eulogy you Should:


  • Plan to speak for no longer than 10 minutes
  • Talk about the deceased in an honest and loving way
  • Try not to be negative
  • Have water on hand
  • Be uplifting, inspiring and even humorous
  • Tell stories that bring the person to lifeInclude recollections of friends and family
  • Include highlights of the person’s life
  • Use poems, quotes, and readings
  • Check your facts
  • Write it down, practice in front of a friend before hand
  • If others are speaking check you are not all saying the same things or telling the same stories
  • Try not to read word for word
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Have a back up reader in case you become too emotional
  • Remember you are surrounded by friends and loved ones who are on your side
  • Have a thoughtful, uplifting ending

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