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“He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death.” H.H. Munroe



Like coffins, urns are also becoming funkier and more varied in design. It’s possible to have all shapes and sizes. Before you check out the following designs, it’s worth remembering that there’s nothing stopping you from simply making a note  of a container that may have sentimental value to you, to be used as your urn. Containers such as a jewellery box, teapot, or even  a can of beer may be more appropriate!!!

Have an urn in mind for the ultimate celebration of your life? Then make a note of it in your very own Funeral Plan.


Beam Me up Scotty
Trekkies can now rejoice! CBS has issued a licence to a funeral products company to help STAR TREK fans be beamed into the afterlife. To date Eternal Image has developed an urn that is
”reminiscent of the 24th century styling of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet”. (available mid 2008)


It just keep getting better and better!

For a truly unique and exciting collection of urns check out the Memorial Gallery. From extraordinary urns to plantable memorials there’s something for everyone.



Because we all deserve one final ride
A company called, ‘Final Ride Products’ decided that just because you died doesn’t mean you can’t ride anymore.They offer an urn designed to be mounted to a motorcycle. Now your cremains can enjoy the freedom of the ride practically forever.


Why be dull?
Tracey Williams, an artist of 20 years, has developed these playful and quirky papier mâché urns to trip your trigger.


Feeling Festive?

If Christmas was your favourite time of year who says that you can’t have your ashes placed in Santa’s Sack, and brought out each year to join in the festivities with your loved ones?


Hanging out at Christmas
In The Light Urns offer an Angel of Love Ornament Keepsake Urn made of porcelain with a silver teardrop. This can be filled with cremains, a lock of hair, fur from your loved pet, or crushed flowers. A beautiful way to remember a loved one at the holidays, and beyond.


Back to Earth
The Shell Urn, from Earth Urns, is engineered to float for approximately 5 minutes on the ocean. It then descends gracefully and biodegrades naturally on the ocean floor.


Why Be Dull?
“If you’re going to spend an eternity sitting on a mantel, you’ll want to make a great impression,” is the catchphrase of Vintage Urns. Bert and Bud the creators of the business, custom-design urns for both theflamboyant and simple palette.


When they just can’t let go…
When a loved one wants to keep you close to their heart and even in their bed, it’s possible to have your ashes placed in a teddy bear.Huggable Urns have some adorable bears and keepsakes on offer.


Who are you wearing?
If you want to be that noose around your loved one’s neck forever, a company, called In the Light, offers some cool and reasonably priced blown-glass pendent and necklace urns. The same company holds Motorcycle, Military and even Christmas tree ornament-type urns.


The art of dying
For the thespians among us, it’s worth checking out the arty futuristic urns at Concentric Rings. This company really are pushing the funky urn-envelope with their awesome pieces.


Down to earth?
If you are a looking for a more practical type of resting place ponder urns at Urns Mart. This company offers clocks, picture frames and even bowling pins as the keeper of your ashes.


Share the love …
An idea we like, is for your ashes to be placed in several tiny vials and to be given out to your friends and family. Your loved ones can then go forth and scatter your remains in special places you may have shared. Nice… On the other hand, however, you could have your remains placed in an eight ball and your loved ones can continue to pester you with ridiculous questions…


Urns Do It Yourself Style
There’s nothing stopping you from coming up with your own container for your ashes to reside in. A favourite handbag, boot, ornament or even a bottle of your favourite tipple can reflect your personality just as well!


Going Green…
For those who want their ashes to be placed in a more ecofriendly container, the Ecopod’s Acorn Urn is perfect!


Sexual healing?
Yes, alas, it has come to our attention that in the future, wives (or even husbands for that matter) may be able to have their partner’s ashes packed into a vibrater for their everlasting pleasure. Hmmm…Watch this space…


Cremation Options Ashes. Ash disposal, scattering with balloons, fireworks, reefs

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“A grave is a place where the dead are laid await the coming of the medical student.”Ambrose Bierce



Due to factors such as expense and space, more people are opting to be cremated these days. Ashes are then being scattered, buried or kept in more ways than you can imagine…

Have an idea about how you would want your ashes to be scattered? Then make a note of it in your very own Funeral Plan.

Underwater Heaven
The Neptune Society, off the coast of Miami, Florida, have almost completed an amazing underwater memorial. “The City of Eternity”  will be a huge man made reef where urns, statues and keepsakes can be laid to rest in your memory.


“mASHterpiece” Paintings

The Art in Ashes Oil Painting is made by the world famous artist Mona. Mona will take some of the ashes of your loved one and work them into one of her famous art pieces, these masterpieces are called “Art in Ashes”.



Going out with a bang?
Heavens Above Fireworks will pack your ashes into fireworks and then organise a remarkable firework display in your memory.


Flying High
Rather than spreading a loved ones ashes by foot, or even place them on the mantel, Air Legacy offers a more dignified way to go. The company offers ash scattering from an aircraft, covering areas such as Colarado, Kansas, Wyoming and Nebraska.



Something for the Garden?
A new idea that seems to be cultivating these days, is to have your ashes made into something that can take pride of place in your garden. Cremation Solutions offers the opportunity of having your ashes placed inside an urn that converts into an attractive birdhouse. “As birds come and go with the seasons and build their nest in these sacred vessels and raise their young and so on, the cycle of life continues




Chew on this…
Product designer Nadine Jarvis recently came up the fascinating idea of turning one’s ashes into pencils. Apparently 240 pencils can be made out of one person’s remains. As always, we at My Funky Funeral love any idea that thinks “out of the box”, and this one really does put lead in our pencil!


Beam me up Scotty!
Yes ’tis true, if you’ve got the readies, then like Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, and James Doohan AKA ‘Scotty’, you too can have your ashes launched into space. The company Celestis offer memorial space flights that will release a portion of your ashes to orbit the earth, or will simply take your ashes on a mission that will return them to earth afterwards. Moreover, this unique company offer a Name the Star service to compliment the mission. Proving that life long dreams can be fulfilled even in death!


‘Ashes to … portraits’?
Starry Starry Nights it aint, but it is possible to have your portrait painted with a mixture of paint and your ashes. A great, visual way for your loved ones to remember you? We’ll let you make up your own mind.


It’s raining you.
A company called Eternal Ascent will place your ashes in a biodegradable balloon that is released into the air. It eventually pops and your ashes are dispersed.


Taking the plunge?
If you like the thought of people going down on you, then Eternal Reefs will mix your ashes with cement to form an awesome artificial reef! The reef ball will then be placed on the ocean floor to create a dynamic new reef. Family and friends can participate in the casting of the reef and can later dive these reefs.


Diamonds last forever?
LifeGem offer to turn your ashes into diamonds. Puts a whole new meaning to the question who are you wearing this evening?


Your time?
LegaSEA is another up and coming company who offers to create an attractive urn that doubles as a time capsule. The capsule will be filled with your ashes, along with important keepsakes and then placed on the ocean floor.

Coffins Caskets Shrouds. Crazy Coffins, Eco Friendly Coffins

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“For three days after death, hair and fingernails continue to grow but phone calls taper off.”Johnny Carson


Coffins are beginning to have personalities of their own, allowing for the centrepiece of your funeral to make a fantastic statement. Below are some of the more avant-garde examples for you to ponder whilst planning a funeral…

Have a coffin in mind for the ultimate celebration of your life? Then make a note of it in your very own Funeral Plan.

The FUN in Funeral!
If you want to encourage some uplifting laughter at your funeral, check out Crazy Coffins. From caskets resembling skateboards to boats, from cricket wickets to ballet shoes, this company truly has their finger on the pulse of the funky funeral business.


Coffin Table
Coffin It Up offer a variety of coffin type furniture pieces. We particulary like the pre-need coffin that can be used as a display case or coffee table until it’s needed. Why not get the most out of your investment!


Cheap, Cheerful and Chic.
Cheap and cheerful coffins are not to be frowned upon anymore. Under the earthbeds™ label you’ll
find burial vessels that are less harmful to the environment. These caskets are made from 100% recycled cardboard.They are strong and reliable while being gentle to the Earth.


Don’t be caught dead without one’
Bert and Bud of Vintage Coffins have done it again with this toe pinching black gothic piece. The coffin doubles as an open cabinet, with glass shelves for your crystal ware or other precious objects.


‘Going’ Green.
The trend to die responsibly is steadily increasing these days, thanks to super chic coffins like the Ecopod. Not only is this coffin 100% environmentally friendly, but is shaped like a seed pod to symbolically show the process of regeneration and re-birth. The company’s Acorn Urn only goes to compliment the Ecopod. Kudos to Hazel.


An awesome trek?
Check out the handmade, classy Cocoon coffin designed by the German company UONO. This environmentally friendly ‘trekkie transporter’ may cost a buck or two, but perfect if you want to go out in real style.


The dead fashionable designer coffin
Colourful and personalised caskets are becoming more popular these days. People are choosing coffins with designs such as flags, football emblems, religious and animation scenes. Oxford Coffins has an excellent range on offer.


The Art of Dying
A company called Dying Art have some very tasteful coffin designs on offer. Their philosophy is “to celebrate what is loved about us by imagery on the surface of the casket.”


Cheap and cheerful?
Cardboard coffins are also becoming popular these days. Not only can you paint these sturdy caskets but they are biodegradable and cheap. Money you save on the coffin can may be go behind the bar at your ‘after tears’ party. Other biodegradable coffins such as bamboo, wicker and papier-mâché, are also becoming more popular, as environmentally friendly alternatives to the rainforest-destroying traditional mahogany. Family and friends can even sign the papier-mâché ones.


A shroud …the last thing you’ll wear?
Surprisingly, it is not against the law to forfeit a coffin and go for a simple shroud. People who have environmental concerns are tending to find this option more attractive. A company called Kinkaraco offers a range of biodegradable shrouds.


Yep, more and more people are going to such lengths as to make and decorate their own coffin or shroud ready for their big day. And why not make your final resting place just right inside and out, and simultaneously save on your funeral costs? Some families have been known to make the coffin for the loved one themselves after their death. Make sure however, if you want this, your family and friends are prepared to get their tools out! Check out Out House Charlie a coffin company who offers do-it-yourself coffin kits.


And Finally … Coming to a Graveyard Near You.
Video tombstones have been invented and it’s only a matter of time until graveyards become alive with stories, advice, confessions and memories from beyond the grave. Check out Vidstone and view their sample tombstone vid!